A workshop about “Road Safety” held at CERD Printing Press, Sin El -Fil in collaboration with AL-Yaza Organization

On Wednesday, 11 November 2015, a meeting about Road Safety was held by CERD in collaboration with AL-Yaza Organization. The meeting was attended by trainers, counselors and representatives from the Educational Inspection. The meeting was initiated by the national anthem followed by a presentation by Mrs. Ibtihaj Saleh, the head of Science Department at CERD and the coordinator of the project. Mrs. Saleh presented the curriculum of Road Safety Education and activities on the curriculum produced by CERD. She also displayed some images about authentic situations photographed by the Educational TV, which is part of the teaching learning process in all pre-university levels.

Mr. Antoine Al-Haj, an expert in Defensive Driving from AL-Yaza had a speech on the occasion about traffic accidents, protection from traffic accidents and the new traffic law.

Next, there was a discussion with the audience who raised questions and offered suggestions. The educational inspectors, Mr. Salman Zein Eddine and Ms. Mona Boulos suggested organizing similar meetings in different districts to popularize the traffic culture. Those suggestions will be studied and as a follow up, trainers and coordinators at the Counseling and Guidance Office will determine the approach.