CERD President Launches the KG3 Student Book, Activity Book and Teacher’s Guide and Honors the Participating Authors, Designers, and Technical Team.

CERD president Dr. Nada Oweijane launched the KG3 kit which includes books, cards, and guides in 3 languages English, Arabic and French. The event was attended by the Administrative Director, Ms. Yolla Hneiny, the Head of the Pre-service and In-service Training Bureau, Mrs. Hoda Abou Assali, Heads of Academic Departments and the Project Coordinator Mrs. Noha Abi Habib, as well as the authors Zena Yazbek, Poulin Khalil, Hiam Haddad, Nadin Maatouk, Evon Fkhaly, and Rouba Al-Naaimy;  Illustrators: Jacqueline Baz, Diana Younes, and Nadim Shriedy, and designers: Simon Bou Semaan and Miriam Abi Karam. The occasion was also attended by Educational Installations and Aids Bureau who followed up the technical preparation staff: Rebeeca Haddad, Joseph Ferzeli, Mousa Al-Dekes.

It is worth mentioning that these books addressed the needs of learners in this foundational stage regarding pre-requisite skills, and basics for reading, writing, math, as well as different scientific, social, artistic and psychomotor activities.

In the KG3 books an active method approach was adopted based on the children’s experiences, analysis and deduction in order to reach concepts in motivating ways through games, which all help forming a well-balanced and comprehensive character.

Dr. Oweijane congratulated the KG3 team as well as the staff from the Educational Installations and Aids Bureau on their outstanding achievement. She also thanked all those who contributed to this effort. The KG3 series is the first one in its kind in Lebanon, issued through CERD, have been adopted by official public schools and the majority of private schools.

The president affirmed that the team aimed at success in this special edition. The feedback was positive and paves the way for a new fresh start for CERD, taking into consideration that we are in the process of redesigning our curricula. The president also wished that any future books will have similar comments. She admitted that the team work load was huge and she appreciates their sacrifices and the hours they spent at night until the book was issued in its attractive state whether in content, or in form with its accompanying cards, guides in 3 languages Arabic, English and French.

The speakers who were directly involved in the production and supervision in turn affirmed that this achievement is considered a success to CERD they are proud to belong to.