CERD has initiated field work to develop the curriculum of civic education

CERD has initiated the development of civic education curriculum with the collaboration of “ADYAN” institution. This approach started with a field research aiming to determine the problems of teaching and learning this subject.

A sample of schools representing the private and the public sector were selected to fill forms and surveys. These are to be filled by teachers of civic education students and the parents to detect the problems, deal with deficiencies and build on strengths for the process of development sought after. 

The president of CERD, Dr. Nada Oweijane addressed the Inspection of Education and educational institutions in private and public sectors including the Faculty of Education at the Lebanese University and other private universities in Lebanon, to get more experts who will share with the committees that are intended to be formed for curricula development.

Groups who are assigned for field work have started visiting schools to full forms. CERD has also started contacting public and private educational institutions to receive CVs of candidates who will work with the committees as a first step before personal interviews with experts that will be selected for that work (curricula development).