The Project of Quality Process at CERD with CANOPE Net and the French Cultural Institute in Lebanon

In line with the partnership and cooperation between CERD and CANOPE Net and as a follow up to the task implemented in Lebanon in October 2015, a team from CERD visited Poitiers (France) to attend workshops about the content of resources in the action plan of quality process project at the Chasseneuil de Poitou headquarters, from 1 to 5 February, 2016.

The project team included Mrs. Muzayan Darwiche and Mrs. Yvonne Feghali from Beirut Resources Center, Ms. Brenda Ghazali from Zahle Resources Center and Mr. George Nohra,  the project coordinator. The team was accompanied by Dr. Nada Oweijane, the president of CERD, two consultants at CERD Dr. Suzan Abu Rjaily and Dr. Ghada Jouny, and Mrs. Huda Abu Assaly, the Head of Pre and In-Service Training Bureau at CERD. 

The project aims to develop a new policy for resources at CERD called the policy of spreading and valuing the resources as well as developing different CERD regional centers by transforming them into “training- learning centers”. Their functions include training, exchanges and innovation. Beirut and Zahle Training centers were selected as pilot centers and were called “Mawarid-e”, as an indication to the digital electronic dimension.

Canopé Center and the two centers in Beirut and Zahle will similarly focus on guiding the learning community in selecting and using resources in their profession; to improve teachers’ performance through changing the educational practices (curricula design approach, competency based curricula…) and establishing digital services. The workshops held by experts from CANOPE and attended by the Lebanese team from both centers “Mawarid-e” Beirut and Zahle will enable the team to prepare a scheduled action plan for 2016-2017.