The Speech of the President of CERD, Dr. Nada Oweijane on the 44th anniversary of CERD e and honoring the retired CERD staff on Thursday 10/12/2015, at the Hotelier School Hall

Dr.Nada Owaijane photo

Your Excellency, the Minister of Education and Higher Education Mr. Elias Bou Saab

General Directors

Heads of the Educational Sections

Honored Educators and Colleagues

On the 44th anniversary of CERD, I express my congratulations and best wishes to Your Excellency and to all colleagues at CERD and their families. I wish you all health and hope that the New Year will be a new step towards peace and welfare for all.

Dear educators,

At CERD we have made a promise to work hand in hand, in collaboration with all parties in education, in the public and private sectors, in higher and general education accompanied by the educational inspection.

We are open to all those with good intentions; willing to unify our efforts for the general benefit. Our concerns are similar to yours; our success is your success and the success of the whole nation.

Your loyalty should transcend individuals, no matter how high their positions might be. It should be neither affected by outside influences nor by personal interests, no matter how attractive. Be loyal to only to your conscience and reasoning in making decisions and forming attitudes.

Your Excellency,

You have ventured to make fair and just decisions.

Thanks for transforming temporary contracts to normal contracts which enabled our staff to benefit from the annual leave and sick leave as well as maternity leave at end of service indemnity

Thanks for the 15% raise on the salaries of the staff working by contract.

Thanks for improving the conditions of day-laborers

Thanks for your readiness for justice, empowering CERD to resume its role. “Give what is Caesar's to Caesar and what’s God’s to God”.

Thanks for your support for everyone who is honest in education.

Today, as we warmly welcome you in this educational family celebration

We hope you will be able to:

  • Approve a law allowing employees by contract to benefit from health and social protection at the end of service, so that our elders are not in need for the price of medicine or food.
  • Regularize employees by contract in terms of the work status and fair payment.
  • Transform day-laborers to employees by contract.
  • Increase benefits from school scholarships for day- laborers.
  • Support CERD technically and financially, in addition to finding the best human resources for available vacancies in our offices and departments.
  • Finally, we hope you stay as you are; caring for education in Lebanon.

Dear Honored Staff,

You are at the focal point of this meeting. For the past years, you have been a symbol of generosity and productivity. You effectively contributed in every educational product, research or project done by CERD. Your aim has always been to succeed at work and ameliorate the educational standards.

You left CERD while you were still active; while CERD is launching workshops for curricula development. Every one of you has long experience and honored working life. Don’t hesitate to help when you are asked. May your  coming days be more comfortable and pleasant  with the care of your family and society .We miss everyone in his/her domain and hope we will be lucky to find professionals who can continue your work in serving education and the preparation of the  new generations to assume  national responsibilities.

I thank all who contributed to the preparation of this meeting, the celebration of the 44th anniversary of CERD. I also thank His Excellency, The Minister for his valued attendance; for his sponsorship, attention, follow up and check up on workshops CERD is launching enlightened by his instructions and supervision.

We also hope that these workshops will lead to the new updated curricula that cope with the requirements of the digital era and fit in content and principles current issues.

Looking forward to the future with openness and keeping up with all what is new.

Happy Anniversary for CERD

Long Live Education